Curriculum and Instruction: Ph.D. program

Ph.D. Program

The basic purpose of the Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Instruction is to train future academicians. In line with this purpose, the program focuses on improving students’ higher level thinking, skills in designing and carrying out original research, and getting ready to disseminate and publish the results of these studies. In addition, students are expected to produce original solutions to the problems in the field of curriculum and instruction based on theory and research. Through the coursework, students explore the most recent theories and research in relation to curriculum development and evaluation, analyze various types of curriculum from this perspective, and carry out large scale curriculum development and evaluation projects. Those students who do not have a masters’ degree in the area of curriculum and instruction are accepted to a scientific preparation program that may take one or two semesters. Students have to successfully complete 8 courses, two of which are research and statistics, four area courses, and two electives. Students who complete the coursework and succeed the qualifying exam carry out an original research as their doctoral dissertation to primarily contribute to international scientific literature, and graduate from the program by successfully defending it. Although the main purpose of the program is to train academicians in the field, individuals who aim higher positions in the educational sector also find the program relevant to their purposes.

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Required Courses

Area Courses

Elective Courses

EDS 604 Multivariate Statistical Techniques                in Education 

EDS 695 Research Seminar in Educational Sciences

EDS 699 Ph.D. Dissertation

EDS 900-999 Special Topics


EDS 640 Instruction: Theory and Research

EDS 641 Curriculum: Theory and Research

EDS 651 Practicum in Designing C&I

EDS 654 Practicum in Curriculum Evaluation

Track 1: Teacher Education

EDS 536 Research and Practice on Technology in Teacher Education

EDS 545 Research on Teaching

EDS 649 A Comparative Study of Teacher Education


Track 2: Learning and Instruction

EDS 541 Instructional Design

EDS 542 Learning Sciences: Foundations and Applications

EDS 544 Theories of Instruction

EDS 549 Teaching and Learning Process

EDS 653 Seminar in Teaching Methods


Track 3: Higher Education

EDS 580 Adult Education

EDS 620 Current Issues in Higher Education

EDS 647 Comparative Higher Education

EDS 658 Curriculum Policy in Higher Education

EDS 660 Teaching in Higher Education


Track 4: Curriculum Studies

EDS 548 The Fundamentals of Social Studies Curriculum

EDS 643 Curriculum and Society

EDS 644 The Pre-School Curriculum

EDS 645 The Elementary School Curriculum

EDS 646 The Secondary School Curriculum

EDS 648 The Social Studies Curriculum: Theory into Practice

EDS 655 Paradigms in Curriculum

EDS 657 Comparative Study of Secondary School Programs


Track 5: Educational Foundations

EDS 501 Social Theories as Applied to Education

EDS 514 School as a Social System

EDS 521 Studies in Gender and Education

EDS 546 Contemporary Issues in C&I

EDS 552 Education and Social Policy

EDS 553 School Improvement

EDS 571 Comparative Education

EDS 572 Advances in Psychological Foundations of Education

EDS 573 Current Issues in Turkish Education

EDS 578 Contemporary Philosophies of Education

EDS 609 School and Society           

EDS 656 Changing World Perspectives in Education


Track 6: Research, Measurement, and Evaluation

EDS 550 Needs Assessment

EDS 554 Scale Construction in Affective Domain

EDS 555 Theories and Techniques in Measurement and Evaluation

EDS 556 Elements of Test Theory

EDS 558 Non-Parametric Statistics 

EDS 559 Test Construction

EDS 560 Elements of Scaling

EDS 562 Theory, Measurement and Research in Affective Domain

EDS 564 Theories of Measurement and Research Designs in Psychomotor Domain

EDS 565 Practicum in Measurement and Evaluation

EDS 566 Elements of Factor Analysis and Related Techniques

EDS 567 Item Response Theory 

EDS 569 Norms and Test Equating 

EDS 579 Independent Study in Education

EDS 601 Qualitative Research Methods in Education

EDS 604 Multivariate Statistical Techniques in Education

EDS 618 Theoretical & Practical Implications of Educational Research

EDS 777 International Graduate Student Practice